Sales Notes

"People do not buy goods and services.
They buy relationships, stories and magic."
- Seth Godin -
How Sales Works
1. Define your target customer
2. Identify your point of contact
3. Adress your customer's problem


Nach Situation / Problem fragen:
Hast du jetzt Mitarbeiter, die unterwegs sind und für die es wichtig ist dass die mobile Lernen?
Buyer Persona:
Remember that you need to listen to the people who are interested in your product, not the people who just want to find things to criticize. If you listen to the haters, you’ll never sell anything, because you’ll always be listening to the wrong people.

Lead Gen

Always invest into lead generation
B2B: 1/7 of all first conversations become customers
How to generate B2B Leads:
LinkedIn: Kürzere, einfache Nachricht
- - Sprache
- Anders sein
- echte Fragen stellen
- so als wenn der Dude an dir vorbeiläuft (nicht gestellt, kontruiert)

Followup & Closing

Always be closing
Every meeting is a (poker) game
Follow up until you hear "no"
1 Sale = 8-9 positive touch points on average
Ask for the deal
Don't wait until your target asks for the deal and talk to them forever without checking if they are serious or just enjoy talking to you.
Every no brings you closer to the next yes.
Create scarcity

Followup & Closing

Raise the price until someone says "that's too expensive"


Price = costs + profit
= convience, emotional response to the product
= perceived value / value for the business
driver: social status = how do you want to perceived by others? clients? employees?
The more risk, the more profit
Did anyone tell you "that's too expensive"?
Well, then maybe you can raise your prices..